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TropRock Radio
Key West Weather

Surfside Grill
Tiki & Friends
Salisbury Beach, MA

CD Release Party- Phoenix, AZ

CD Release Party Rockledge, FL

CD Release Party Portland, ME

Green World Gallery-Key West, FL

Sloppy Joe's w/ Brian Roberts Key West, FL

The Rum Barrel-Key West, FL

Dock Box Melbourne, FL

Tiki Bash w/ Chris Sacks

Sunset Bar and Grill - w/ Fred Quistgard-Old Orchard, ME

SpringPhling- Wildwood, NJ

Jamm'in w/ Swim Skinny and Crawdaddy!

Kokomo's  Mall of America  Bloomington, IL

With my best buds Jeff and Carol from BeachFront Radio.com

Rusty's Cape Canaveral, FL

Space Coast Parrotheads

Sea Grill- Falmouth, ME

TropStock New Years Eve January Cocoa Beach, FL

Freaky Tiki Party- Fort Myers, FL

Some heavy duty Trop-Rock Friends

Sloppy Joe's Key West, FL

Spring PHling 2011 - Wildwood, NJ

New England Parrothead Convention - Windsor, CT

All aboard

Interviewing John Patti

Key West, Florida  BeachFront Radio #1 Trop-Rock Radio Station in the Country!

BeachFront Radio's "Freaky Tiki Party" in Fort Myers Beach, Fl

TropStockCocoa Beach, FL

Tiki Party at Atlantic Heights

Day at the Sea Dogs Ball Park

Benefit Concert-Punta Gorda, FL

 PHC of Maine Meeting

The mink was fake. The girl was real!

Trop-Rock Artist of the Year-Brent Burns

Howard Livingston.

Promoting my new CD w/ DJ Jeff Allan in Key West.

Performing at Sloppy Joe's on Duval St. Key West, FL

Tiki Thom Bash at "The Venue"

House Party

Always can use some extra musicians.

New England Parrot Head Convention

It's Tiki Time!

10 AM Show. Tiki Thom and Bloody Marys.

Is she drinking while I'm singing? Good, I sound better that way!

Great Place for a Reception!

Bride and Groom Like My Version of "Gotta Jiboo".

Fun with Bubba Buff-ett at Mercy School of X-Ray 50th Celebration

Nice Teeth, Bubba..."You might be an x-ray technologist if: you have x-rays of yourself at home, that a doctors never seen."

Parties All Summer Long...

Birthday Party at Shacks.     Guess who turned 50...No Not Me.

Future Back-up Singer.

Yes, tough job, but someone has to do it.

It's tuff work, but some-body has to do it!The winner of the Beach Bum Contest! Not me, Her.

Is that a real bird on my speaker?Did they paint that wall mural just for Me?

This man is in fear of his life!"Sea Cruise"  Always gets the girls dancing!

Johnny Depp eat your heart out!World's smallest pirate.

La Kermesse Festival

Big stage, Little man, Huge Crowd!Every generation loves some Buffett.

Da Plane, Da PlaneOn the Beach At Waikiki.  The Hilton Hawaiian Village.

The things I do for a laugh.Work'in the Crowd of 750+  

Hey, I'm not just a pretty face.

Big Hat for Big Head